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Central Minnesota Conference Favorite?

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Re: Central Minnesota Conference Favorite?

Postby Wizard82 on Sun Feb 07, 2010 8:25 pm

Its too bad Maple Lake was missing one of their starters against BBE. Justin Bidwell has been out a couple weeks with a bad foot or ankle or something like that. He's a 6'3 junior wing/post that would have helped the Irish out a lot (he's one of their top defenders and aves like 6 rebounds a game). It would have created some much better matchups against BBE. Im not saying he's a 20 point factor, but had he played i think ML could have at least made it a game. Instead they've been having to start a 5'10 soph, whos def a down grade and makes their bench that much storter.

It didnt suprise me that ML only had that many guys score, thats how its been all year. Theyre not a high scoring team, they'd much rather have the game in the mid 50's, and Wurm is averaging close to 20 pts a game, not to mention 9 boards a game. They dont have a lot of scoring options and are not deep. Wurm has to play a ton of mins, and if he's not scoring they struggle. I talked to a buddy of mine, who got the scoop from the game on friday and he said ML looked really nervous and played very timid. BBE played really lose and seemed much more composed. He said ML had some really bad turn overs, where they just would lose the ball out of bounds, or throw it at their teammates legs. He said BBE played some good D, but it wasnt smothering, where ML couldnt do anything, the IRish just didnt take care of it, and he said again that goes back to them looking scared. Which isnt a good sign for the Irish, because what are they gonna do come playoff time, if they find themselves in a big game.

BBE pretty much won the CMC on Friday. If they loose again in the conf, that would be a HUGE shocker! The Irish, will need to bounce back, and if they play well they should finish with only 2 or 3 losses in the conf, which would be a nice year for them in the conf, although im sure they would have liked to play better against BBE. Next year should be an exciting one in the CMC with a lot of good players coming back!
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Re: Central Minnesota Conference Favorite?

Postby jaguarssports on Mon Feb 08, 2010 9:18 am

B-B-E has finished 2nd in a boys basketball conference countless times. I recall in 1996-1997, an injury to a starting wing (broken wrist) took him off the floor for 3 games - they went 0-3 in that period. That essentially cost them the title that year.

In 2001-2002, they were snakebitten at Pierz on a last-second shot, then split with what was then a powerhouse HL-W-W to go 12-2, but the Lakers went 13-1 and won the league crown that year.

So sometimes it's nice to see a team come out on the other end of things. It would've helped B-B-E to have faced a Maple Lake team that was at full strength, but you'll take what you get these days.

Don't be surprised if Rockford gives B-B-E a run. The 80-mile drive doesn't help things either.
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